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Fall for the large tote bag, the essential tote bag

Transform our coated fabric bag as you wish. Indeed, our competition tote adapts to all uses: sports bag, family beach bag, shopping bag or even travel bag. Store everything you need inside and carry it easily thanks to its handles.

What are the advantages of the Papa Pique et Maman Coud large tote bag?

Be careful, when reading the advantages of our pretty bag, you will only see through it! Available in our colorful fabrics, this bag will make a splash wherever you go. Fall for an original or more classic pattern according to your desires and even match our cotton canvas tote to your outfit. Finally, a large size tote bag to take everywhere for shopping, going to the beach, to sport or going on holiday. It allows you to slip all your essentials without worrying about space by protecting them from water thanks to the coated fabric on the inside or on the outside. A large format, yes, but with a zipper! There's nothing better than taking your things safe, which is why we've fitted it with a full-length zip. And to take it easy, this flexible tote bag folds and unfolds easily so you can slip it anywhere. Perfect for going shopping! Its handles will also allow you to easily carry it over your shoulder or to hold it in your hand.


The ultimate multi-purpose tote bag

A colorful and practical XXL beach bag

This summer, take the family to the beach with our XXL-sized beach tote bag. Its closure and coated fabric keep your things away from sand and water drops. Slip on the swimsuits, towels, snacks and children's games inside and have a great day by the water. Of course, don't forget to slip in the sunscreen to avoid sunburn!

The ideal large bag for traveling

To go with friends or as a couple for a weekend, you need a large bag! Turn our tote into a large travel bag and store everything you need inside (clothes, toiletry bag, camera, etc.). This large volume will follow you by car, train or bus.

A foldable shopping bag as you wish

Do you arrive at the checkout and realize that you forgot your shopping bag? With our tote bag you will no longer have this problem! Slip it folded in your purse or in the storage compartment of your car to go shopping in peace. And thanks to the coated fabric making it stronger, you can carry both buns and cans.

A large bag for his sports stuff

Also use the tote bag as a sports bag. Whether it's for a swimming session to carry your swimsuit, your towel and your pair of fins or for a fitness session in the room to store your clothes, your toiletries and your superb pair of shoes, this bag will become your new best friend!


What is the difference between the large and the medium model of the tote bag?

Our 2 sizes are designed in the same way: zipper, flexibility, coated cotton fabric, easy folding and large handles. The difference between them lies first in their size. The medium bag is more suitable for work or school while the XXL bag is ideal for the beach, travel or shopping. Choose your new bag according to its use and thus select the ideal model according to your needs. The mid-size model also has pretty pleats of fabric at its closure giving it a different finish.


Looking for other tote bag designs?

Do you love to slip your loose belongings into your bag? Fall for the different forms of PPMC. Like the large tote bag, you can choose the medium tote bag, same model but smaller in size, or choose the storage tote bag, perfect for organizing children's toys. And if you want a tote handbag, we recommend our fabric tote bags that go anywhere, or our bowling bags perfect for work or school.