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Tissu plastifié Papa Pique et Maman Coud

The perfect coated fabrics to make waterproof and resistant tablecloths

Why should you go for Papa Pique and Maman Coud coated fabric?

The coated fabric is the perfect fabric to reproduce the oilcloth of our grandmothers. Thanks to its transparent PVC coating without phthalate, this fabric allows you to easily make your own waterproof and very resistant tablecloth. For this, choose one of our coated fabrics. Take the dimensions of your table and add 10 to 20 cm on each side to cut your tablecloth directly into the fabric. Two or three scissor cuts and you're done! You don't even need to get out your sewing machine.

With coated cotton you can also make sewing projects such as: bags, bibs, aprons ... Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, you can try this fabric, you will amaze yourself! And if you need advice, don't hesitate to follow our sewing tips or to contact our customer service.

Sturdy, waterproof and always colourful, let yourself be seduced by our beautiful plastic fabrics and choose the length you need for your project. Many original designs are waiting for you, both for children's projects and for your own pleasure. You will find your happiness in this selection of printed and plain coated fabrics, renewed with each new collection. You can also add our cotton fabrics sold by the metre! Don't hesitate to share your sewing projects with us on the social networks #papapiqueetmamancoud.


What is coated fabric?

All our coated fabrics are obtained through a coating process. This method consists of applying a layer of transparent PVC without phthalates to the textile. The result is a waterproof fabric that can have a matt or shiny appearance depending on the collection.

Our coated cottons are also very stain resistant and easy to clean. To wash them, simply wipe your coated fabric with a damp sponge or machine wash it at 30°.

This type of fabric is also stronger and more durable than a simple cotton fabric, ideal if you want to make a beach bag, for example.

Please note! We offer different types of coatings

Inside or outside coating? Matt or glossy coating? What is it?

Inside or outside coating?

-Most of our fabrics are coated on the outside, i.e. on the face of the fabric. They are ideal for accessories that need to be easy to clean and perfectly waterproof such as rain hats, bibs, kitchen aprons...). They are also suitable for the creation of plastic tablecloths.
-Some of our fabrics are coated on the inside, i.e. on the reverse side of the fabric. This is the case when the fabrics are embossed, glittery or shiny. This makes them waterproof while maintaining the aesthetics of the fabric. These fabrics are suitable for making bags, pouches, toiletry bags, but will not sponge wash like an outdoor coated fabric. However, you can wash them in the machine at 30°. We do not recommend them for tablecloths, bibs or aprons.

Matt or glossy coating?

-Glossy coating has a very shiny, almost mirror-like effect. It adds style to some of our prints. We specify the effect on the description of our fabrics and articles.
-Our matt coating is more discreet but like the glossy one.

How to sew coated fabric?

Perhaps you have already tried to sew coated fabric with your machine and found it difficult? This is normal, coated fabric is a thicker cotton fabric with a plastic coating. This makes it more difficult to sew and tends to slip. It is therefore recommended that you use equipment that is suitable for this type of fabric.

What sewing equipment should I use to make accessories from plastic coated fabric?

For all your sewing projects with coated fabric, we advise you to use a Teflon presser foot that will not slip on the material. As for the needle, choose a fairly large needle such as 100 or 110.

Also be careful not to pin plasticised fabrics together as this will leave small holes. It is best to use clips.

How do I wash and care for my coated fabric?

To care for your coated cottons, it is essential to follow a few rules. You can clean the plastic fabric on a daily basis by simply wiping the stain with a sponge and soap.

It is also possible to put the coated cotton in the washing machine. To do this, it is best to wash at 30° to avoid damaging the PVC layer which, due to its composition, will not withstand high temperatures. This passage in machine must also be done without spinning and without softener to preserve the quality of your coated fabric. As for drying, we recommend that you let the fabric air dry.

What sewing projects can I do with coated cotton?

Have you fallen for a plasticised fabric but don't know what you can do with coated cotton fabric? Here are some sewing ideas:

    A pretty toiletry bag to avoid staining your travel bag in case of a shampoo leak
    A colourful beach bag to protect your belongings from water drops after swimming
    A plastic bib for little girls and boys who are learning to eat like adults
    A school kit to avoid pen leaks and to keep the whole backpack clean
    A small soap bag to take your solid shampoo everywhere at the weekend
    A kitchen apron to keep your little chefs at bay
    A cushion to match your garden furniture, to add colour to all your outdoor moments

If you have a question about our coated fabrics or items made from our coated fabrics, please contact our customer service department.

Discover our selection of coated fabrics adapted to all budgets: our coated fabrics for less than 15€ and our coated fabrics for 15€ and more.