SALES up to 50% off from June 26 to July 23 inclusive. Treat yourself!

SALES up to 50% off from June 26 to July 23 inclusive. Treat yourself!

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Little Hearts

Love and care
In a world where every detail counts, where every moment is precious, the "Petits Cœurs" collection embodies love and the girly universe through unique creations. We believe in the magic of little touches.  

Our designs have been lovingly thought out to awaken the curiosity and stimulate the imagination of your children. Little hearts, timeless symbols of affection and gentleness, adorn our items to give them a touch of emotion and attachment. Every stitch is made with a big heart, so your little ones can wear our creations with pride and joy.  
Petits Cœurs are an invitation to tenderness and complicity between parents and children.   

So let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of the "Petits Cœurs" collection from Papa Pique et Maman Coud. Browse through our varied designs and let yourself be seduced by those little details that make all the difference. Whether it's to celebrate a birth, a birthday or simply to give pleasure, our creations will light up your hearts and create unforgettable memories.  
Because every moment is precious, choose Papa Pique et Maman Coud, to wrap your little hearts in love and softness.
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