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Need a little hair scrunchie?

The little scrunchie is the perfect accessory to give your pretty hairstyles a little extra colour. Also ideal to wear on the wrist as a trendy accessory.

The small scrunchie, of medium size, can be worn by a woman as well as a little girl, especially if you have fine, straight or wavy hair with little volume. You can also go for the small bow scrunchie which is exactly the same size.

Which little scrunchie will you fall for?

Why is the scrunchie the trendy accessory of the year?

The return of the scrunchie

The eternal scrunchie is making a comeback in all drawers. It disappeared for a moment, but is now back in force with new models and colours. Both vintage and modern, it is undoubtedly becoming an essential for beautiful and original hairstyles.

A vintage accessory that has become timeless

It has the same function as an elastic band, but it also adds colour to your hairstyle. It is now considered as a real fashion accessory that can be worn all year round on all heads and wrists whatever the season.

Personalise your hair with your scrunchie

Use the scrunchie to style your hair and add colour and style. Big, small, with or without a bow, transform your hairstyles in a flash. Whether it's for a ponytail, a braid, a duvet or a bun, it will add style to your mane.

The little "darling" of the stars

You've probably seen it on the heads of your favourite stars at various events. Iris Mittenaere, Jennifer Lopez and even Kate Middleton have now adopted it. The scrunchie has become the new essential fashion accessory to wear on your wrist or in your hair.

Which scrunchie for medium-length hair?

If your hair reaches shoulder length, you can tie it up with a scrunchie. Our small model is suitable for this length and allows you to create beautiful hairstyles.

Why go for a scrunchie?

Trendy and very practical, this colourful accessory is one of the must-have items in your dressing table or drawer:

The fabric material is much less damaging to the hair than a traditional elastic band, and you won't get a trace when you take it out. Super useful when you have to meet your girlfriends after work to change your hair in an instant.
Our varied collection allows you to match your hair to your outfit of the day, so you can match the colour of your bag or shoes.

If you do get it stained, don't worry as you can machine wash it with the rest of your laundry.

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