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Bib - Baby Size Fleuri Nude Ardoise

Aptly named "bibs", these cloth and terry bibs will be your newborn's first. From the moment of birth, it will be your ally against spit-up and saliva spills. Slip some into your birth list for an original, practical and inexpensive gift that will become your child's favorite. Discover the many colorful fancy prints below and treat yourself! Several bibs will be useful for everyday organization and cleanliness. 
An ideal gift Pour elle
Size Petit
Age Range Bébé 0-2 ans
Composition Doublure en éponge de coton
Sizes L 18 x H 27 cm
Main material Coton
Necklace Environ 25 cm
Closing Patte auto-grippante
What are the advantages of the terry lining? 

Our bibs are made of cotton or gauze fabric for the aesthetic side and a terry cloth lining for the reverse side. This one has a great capacity of absorption. The regurgitations and the saliva will not be able to cross it and stain the clothes of your newborn. This terry lining is also very soft and comfortable, so your child will be comfortable when it's hot and he's shirtless. When your little angel enters the phase of food diversification, we advise you to opt for our coated cotton bib and its recuperator, more practical to retain the compote and the purees. 
At Papa Pique and Maman Coud, we pay a lot of attention to quality and aesthetics. Thus, this bib model is adorned with pretty printed cotton fabrics and cotton gauze that you can easily coordinate with your baby's outfit. Patterns that will make everyone fall in love! We also paid attention to the quality of the fabric and terry lining so that they can withstand regular machine washing. They keep their colors and absorbency.  

A little advice: remember to close the scratch before putting it in the machine to avoid damaging other clothes! 

If you have any questions about your Papa Pique et Maman Coud baby bib, don't hesitate to contact PPMC customer service or visit your favorite store.  
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Looking for a gift idea for baby?

Choosing a gift for a baby is not an easy task and with the multitude of possibilities you are looking for a gift that is both useful and original. To be sure to give a nice gift to both boys and girls without forgetting the young parents, follow our guide.

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  • Will the Velcro hold when baby pulls on the bib?
    In the first few months, children touch, pull and test everything they find. This is part of their learning process, which is why we have made sure that the Velcro will gently resist their efforts so that they don't remove the bib. It is still very easy for parents to remove, especially when your baby falls asleep during feeding and needs to be removed discreetly!

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