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When travelling or at home, use our waterproof soap bag

In the zero-waste family, Papa Pique and Maman Coud are expanding their attractive collection. After the squares and the fabric makeup gloves, it's the turn of the soap pouches to make their debut. If you haven't revolutionized your bathroom yet, now is the time! Replace your traditional liquid shampoos and soaps with solid formats. All you have to do is adopt our fabric soap pouch.

You can use it at home to store your soaps after using them as well as to go on a trip or when you go to sports or to the swimming pool. Thanks to its very practical size, this soap case can be taken everywhere and slipped anywhere: in a toiletry bag, a gym bag and even your bathroom drawer. In addition, with its coated fabric, the pouch is waterproof so you don't get the other items in your toiletry bag wet.

Want to indulge yourself with an accessory at a soft price? Fall in love with our colorful selection of soap, bar soap and solid shampoo pouches.



Tricks of the trade: At PPMC, we love to divert our accessories or give them a second life. So why not use this soap pouch as a pouch for covid masks? Or simply to carry your cotton buds and make-up remover when travelling. Some of us have even adopted this pouch to store our audio headphones! Practical to avoid losing them at the bottom of our bag... What about you? What are your ideas? Share them with us #ppmc on Instagram and Facebook.