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Papa Pique and Maman Coud wallets and purses

Discover our selection of wallets and purses. Everyday accessories, they are as pretty as they are practical with their multiple storage spaces. Made of coated fabric for more resistance, our wallets are perfect for women, teenagers or little girls, but also for men in our more classic collections.


From chequebook holders to card holders and wallets, here is our selection of bag accessories



Check out our new bag, wallet and purse accessories in our latest prints!

Which wallet or purse to choose?


  • Papa Pique et Maman Coud chequebook holder: Protect your chequebook and find it more easily in your bag with this colourful holder. The 2 sides of your chequebook slide easily into the 2 crystal cases so you can open and use it without taking it out of its protection. You can coordinate your ladies chequebook holder with your multi-card holder or wallet.
  • Card Case: Store the cards you need most in this pretty, colourful card case that can hold 4 cards or more if you place more than one in a case, making it easy to find a bank card, business card or loyalty card.
  • Wallet: A useful wallet that you can coordinate with your bag or your coated fabric checkbook holder that has a zipped pocket for coins and notes, 6 card slots and a space for your checkbook. It is best suited as a bag accessory if you have a large handbag. And to protect your belongings in your bag, consider a cotton pouch.
  • Compact wallet: Consists of a fabric wallet that zips closed, 3 crystal clear credit card holders, a holder for IDs and a pocket for notes or receipts. It is ideal for small purses and fits easily into men's trouser pockets due to its compact size.
  • Mini purse: Small flat purse with 2 inverted pockets: one closed by a zip and the other by a snap, it can hold coins, notes and cards. Slips easily into a handbag. Suitable for women, girls and teenagers.
  • Gusseted purse: Allows you to store your coins and find them more easily because it opens wide thanks to its gussets to catch your change. It can also contain notes and is very practical because it can be easily stored in a small handbag or a pocket for women.
  • Envelope pouch: - This small envelope-shaped pouch will allow you to slip in your official papers (passport, identity card, driving licence....) but also your small girly effects (handkerchiefs, wipes, towels....).

  • Tip: hang a small Papa Pique and Maman Coud strap on one of the little tabs in the corners of the bag and the other on the tab inside our bags, so you can find it more easily (straps sold separately). Tip: With a large strap, the pouch can be transformed into a little girl's bag (straps sold separately)