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The Papa Pique et Maman Coud changing mat: to take everywhere with you!

The PPMC foldable changing mat is the key accessory for all parents looking for an easily transportable mat for their baby's toilet. Lightweight and compact, this travel changing mat fits easily into a changing bag between baby's nappies and bottles. The coated fabric on one side allows the mat to be spread over any surface without soiling the bamboo sponge side on the other. The coated cotton fabric of the PPMC changing mat is very durable and does not allow liquids to pass through. The bamboo sponge has been carefully selected so that it can absorb spills if necessary and above all guarantee softness for your baby when washing and bathing. The use of this waterproof changing mat when going out is a real time saver as it is easy to fold up, and above all simple to machine clean.

The little tip from Papa Pique and Maman Coud is to always slip in a nappy and a make-up remover to deal with unforeseen events and to clean baby inside the changing mat if necessary.


How do I choose my changing mat?  

All our travel changing mats are the same, only the colours are available in the pretty children's colours or the more classic colours you like so much. Our changing mats are perfectly suited for outdoor use, they are resistant and waterproof thanks to their coated cotton exterior. This essential element of the changing bag is also a useful birth gift idea for all future parents. All you have to do is make your choice and match this nomadic changing mat with one of our changing bags, health book protectors or a bandana bib.

How do I maintain my changing mat?

To wash the changing mat, simply put it in the washing machine at 30° with the rest of your clothes. If you only want to clean the waterproof coated fabric, you can use a sponge or a damp cloth. If you travel or go out a lot, it is ideal to have at least two mats so that you always have one available when the other is being washed.