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PPMC's selection of bags and pouches for children

Discover our models of accessories for children

A small backpack or schoolbag for your child's first years at school is the perfect gift idea! Made of cotton and coated fabric, our schoolbags and small bags adapt very well to different morphologies. Each of our fabric accessories has been designed to match each other. It's true that from a very young age, children love to choose their own fashion accessories to match their age. So choose the prints you like best from our large selection and create your own combination of items: bag / clutch.

Few bag's design for children

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Sacs de sports

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Sacs à dos

Which bag to choose, for which age?

The small backpack is a must-have for toddlers from nursery school to kindergarten. Its small size is perfect for putting on your child's back. Its handles allow it to adapt to all body types and therefore to grow with your toddlers. Its small front pocket can easily hold your child's favourite items. As for the central pocket, it can hold your baby's nappy and a small waistcoat.

The Papa Pique et Maman Coud schoolbag is the ideal companion for your little one during his kindergarten years and his entry into CP. After first grade, choose a large folding backpack that will offer more capacity.

The sports bag is the perfect ally for parents to store baby's things for a long weekend. It is suitable for both adults and children, so it can be passed on from generation to generation. A little boy or girl will use this bag as a changing bag or weekend bag and then as a sports bag for a long weekend.

How do I care for my bag?

You would like to keep your bag as long as possible and have your child grow up with it? Papa Pique and Maman Coud have thought of everything. Each of our items is designed to last over time and even for several generations. To keep your PPMC items for as long as possible, prefer machine washing at 30°C and a low spin cycle.

How do I use my small removable strap?

The small PPMC removable strap can be used for several purposes. All our bags have been designed with a small flap inside to be able to hang a pouch with a strap. This provides additional storage space inside the bag and allows you to put valuable or fragile items or simply small everyday objects. You can create your own small handbag with this strap to make it look like a big one. Select the small pleated pouch of your choice and combine it with a matching strap and that's it!