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Call & Collect: Reserve your items in shop free of charge for 48 hours. More information here

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Scrunchie prairie fleurie Scrunchie prairie fleurie Scrunchie prairie fleurie

Scrunchie Prairie Fleurie

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Our favourite at PPMC? The scrunchie!

The iconic scrunchie has been making a comeback in recent years. Very fashionable in the 90s, it is once again the trendy accessory of the moment.
You can achieve many colourful hairstyles with it. This elastic scrunchie comes in a variety of prints and colours.  

Wear it in your hair for simple or elaborate colourful hairstyles! But also on your wrist for a touch of trendy colour to spice up your outfit. It's also very practical to always have it with you. 
An ideal gift Pour elle
Size Grand
Hair Type Cheveux épais, Cheveux longs, Cheveux mi-longs
Age Range Enfant 3-8 ans, Adolescent 9 -12 ans, Adulte 13 ans et plus
Sizes Ø 10 cm
Main material Coton
A new trend in recent years, the scrunchie is the essential accessory to have in your bathroom!
Here's why Papa Pique and Maman Coud's scrunchies will make your day: 
  • The cotton or cotton gauze fabric (depending on the model) leaves little or no trace, which is very practical when you want to change your hairstyle when you get off work to meet up with your girlfriends or boyfriend! 
  • Our many colours will allow you to find the ideal scrunchie to give a romantic, vintage, bohemian or original style to your mane. 
  • Softer on the hair than metal or rubber elastics, they allow you to tie your hair up without the risk of damaging it. 
As the Papa Pique and Maman Coud scrunchies are made of cotton, you can wash them in the washing machine at 30°C. Let them air dry.  

And there are plenty of ways to store them! If you only have a small collection, the Key Pouch or the Bellows Purse should be enough for a diversionary use. But if your collection is quite extensive, a Small Vanity or Mini Clutch Bag may be more appropriate. 

If you have any questions about the PPMC, please contact our customer service or visit a Papa Pique et Maman Coud shop.  
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