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Straps for your bags and clutches

As every fashion fan knows, the bag is the most important part of an outfit. But to make your bag trendy and unique, why not opt for an original shoulder strap? All our collections allow you to combine different colours of shoulder straps to vary your style endlessly.



Change your look in an instant with the bag strap

The eternal black bag and black strap combo is over. With our removable and interchangeable straps you can vary the combinations and the colours endlessly! Red, yellow or blue, your favourite colour is bound to be there!
The removable bag strap is easy to use. In a few seconds, clip your shoulder strap to your messenger bag, bowling bag or clutch bag and add a touch of pep to your favourite bag.


The different uses of our bag straps

  • To be able to carry your bowling bag on your shoulder or to hang it on a pram, think of the PPMC shoulder strap
  • To accessorise your Compagnon bag, wear it on the shoulder or across the body, opt for a matching long strap
  • If you prefer to carry your bag in your hand, we recommend the short strap which allows the bag to hang from your wrist
  • Create a mini handbag for little girls who want to do like mum by attaching a small strap to a clutch
  • Hang your keys, pockets or glasses case inside your bag with a strap and never lose anything again!