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All the accessories you need in your handbag are at PPMC

When you go on a trip, to work or for a walk, you never go out without your bag. It always contains all your stuff and different accessories to make your daily life easier, like a treasure trove. Even inside the bag, we like to add colour and originality with a range of accessories that are both practical and pretty!

Our favourite bag accessories :

Pretty luggage tags: in anticipation of your next trip, equip yourself with a unique luggage tag to recognise your suitcase at first glance. Thanks to its coated cotton fabric on the outside, this tag protects your details as well as possible so you are sure not to misplace your luggage. In addition, your luggage will be easier to distinguish with a colourful luggage tag with a lively design.

The lingerie bag, a travel essential: this small fabric pouch to slip into your suitcase or bag will be useful once unfolded to store your underwear separately. This lingerie pouch can also be used to organise your suitcase and compartmentalise your clothes or sort your children's toys. To make your next trip easier, choose this accessory!

The Papa Pique et Maman Coud document protector: at work, at school or in the office, we always carry a multitude of documents with us. Nothing better to carry your documents safely than to opt for a coated fabric document cover. With this pouch, keep moisture away from your documents and keep them in good condition in your bag.

The PPMC phone case: We carry our phone with us all the time and it is not uncommon for it to fall to the ground or for us to look for it at the bottom of the bag. With the phone covers, accessorize your smartphone while protecting it from shocks and rain.