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New masks for teens now available

Our new teen masks have been designed from a fabric assembly offering filtration > 90% of particles up to 40 washes. These washable and reusable cotton masks are also more "breathable", essential criteria to be able to wear it for 4 hours in a row! Find our protective masks for adults on our website and in store.

New General Audience "Category 1" masks

On the form, we haven’t made any changes. Our adult protective masks always have 3 folds and 2 elastics to position behind the ears.
What we have evolved is the assembly of the fabrics. We have selected new high permeability fabrics, so that our adult fabric masks are more "breathable". 

Professional lab tests certify the high effectiveness of these Covid masks. They guarantee particle filtration of more than 90% for a minimum of 40 washings.


A protective mask suitable for people over 10 years old

Masks are mandatory in most situations, in stores, at school, at work and even outdoors in some cities. It is important to wear a mask in the right size for comfort of use and optimal protection. This consumer barrier mask is suitable for teenagers and adults over the age of 10. The size has been adjusted to suit the finer faces of teenagers but also those of adults for whom the masks in classic fabrics are too big. The barrier masks for adults are 21 x 8 cm, while the masks for adolescents are 19.5 x 8 cm.

What certifications do we have for this consumer mask?

The PPMC mask for children over 10 years old is a General Public Category 1 mask that meets the recommendations of Afnor experts. Its effectiveness has been measured and validated for 40 washings by the laboratories of DGA Maîtrise NRBC, 5 rue Lavoisier, 97170 Vert-Le-Petit ( RP/20-701/DGA MNRBC/2000305/NP) and which supports 40 washings ( IFTH report no. 2020-04-08-011 of 14/05.2020)